A Beautiful glimpse of the whales in La Paloma

Posted by zenhotel on October 2nd, 2010

If you have a spare three minutes, it will be worth it to watch this beautiful little video of the whales here in La Paloma. This is what we get to enjoy every year, just off the beaches in Uruguay. They are absolutely beautiful, and to watch them this close to the shore is a true delight.

Here at Zen, we are lucky enough to be situated right in front of one of their favourite spots along the coast of Rocha. We get to watch them from the hotel as they play in the waters of Anaconda Beach. The whales in this video are at Playas Serena and Anaconda. We saw them this day as they played close to the shore. There were quite a few groups of them, spread all along the coast, so there was plenty to see.


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Thanks to Gustavo from for letting me use this video!

Great Weather & Great Surf

Posted by zenhotel on September 10th, 2010

We have had gorgeous weather here in La Paloma this week with warm sunshine and perfect beach conditions. The Brazilians are also taking advantage of this, and making the most of the great waves for surfing. On Monday we took some photos of the surfers at the beach – there would have been over 20 surfers out in the water catching some great waves.

If you want to enjoy some surfing at La Paloma, take advantage of the great views at Zen Hotel, where you can check out the surf from your room.

We look forward to welcoming you to Zen.

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Dolphins at Anaconda

Posted by zenhotel on August 28th, 2010

Late this afternoon (Friday 27th August), there were dolphins playing around in the shores of Anaconda. They seemed to be having a great time playing in the water, and digging something up from the ocean floor. Of course this time of year is more known for seeing whales, but you never know what you might see around the beaches of La Paloma!

A Day for Whale Watching

Posted by zenhotel on August 26th, 2010

Today has been the most perfect day for whale watching that we have had this season. There were quite a few whales frolicking close to the shores at Anaconda Beach & Playa de los Botes. It seems word spread quite quickly that the whales were around, and they showed off to a steady stream of visitors throughout the morning.

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Zen Hotel will be open this November, making it the perfect place to watch the whales in Winter next year. The view is perfect from each room, and you have a great opportunity to see the whales at play in their favourite playground in La Paloma.

We look forward to seeing you in La Paloma.

For more information on Zen Hotel, please have a look at our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like any more information –

A Beautiful Winters Day in La Paloma

Posted by zenhotel on August 24th, 2010

The weather here at the moment is absolutely perfect. According to, the temperatures are sitting in the low 20′s (celcius), and it really couldn’t be nicer. The sky is a perfect blue, the water at the beaches is crystal clear. There are people out and about everywhere enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend.

The beaches have been a popular spot to enjoy during the gorgeous weather. There have been quite a few surfers enjoying the clean waves and gorgeous weather, especially around Anaconda and Los Botes, plus there have been heaps of people fishing off different beaches including La Balconada, La Serena.

There have even been a few sightings of whales, so it really couldn’t be better! La Paloma makes a great weekend escape – we look forward to seeing you there!

Zen Hotel is the newest Hotel in La Paloma & will be open in November 2010. If you have any enquiries, please check out the website or email us at

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La Paloma – Summer 2010

Posted by zenhotel on August 3rd, 2010

Summer 2010 in La Paloma was just beautiful. If you are thinking of including a trip to La Paloma, the video below is sure to confirm your plans. For your accommodation in La Paloma, have a look at our hotel website. The Hotel is the newest in the area, and enjoys gorgeous views of Anaconda Beach. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Click on the video below to see a sample of what you can enjoy in this area.

What we’ve seen in La Paloma during July

This time of year is beautiful. Although you can’t swim in the water (although you do still see surfers in wetsuits catching waves), there is no reason why you still can’t enjoy the beach. While walking alont the beach this July, we made quite a few sightings of some of La Paloma’s other “locals”.

  • ballenas

The whales arrived fairly early this year. We had our first sightings on the 5th of July, then we were lucky enough to see them a few more times after that. Last year we saw them very regularly in August, so we are hoping that this year will be no exception. Their favourite spots seem to be at Anaconda (right infront of Zen Hotel), plus we have seen them a few times at La Balconada, near the lighthouse and near the port.

During April and May we saw dolphins really regularly along Anaconda Beach. During July we had a few days that we saw them in Anaconda, and one day I saw them at La Balconada. They are always around, but you seem them really close to shore on very calm days. There always seems to be a few of them together, and they put on a great show playing and jumping the waves.

  • focas

This time of year we see a lot of baby seals. You can see them up on the beach taking in a bit of sun, or they are really cute to see swimming through the water. They swim fairly close to the shore, and you can see them take little jumps along the waves. We also see seals of all sizes every time we go to the Port or Lighthouse. A few times now we have seen groups of around six seals swimming together and playing in the port. They splash about and jump through the water so they are really fun to watch. We have also seen them quite a bit at La Balconada, especially the babies.

  • pinguino en la paloma

This year we have seen a lot more penguins than last year. They are very cute to watch swimming around the port, and we have seen them there sharing the waters with the seals each time we have been there. It has been quite sad this year to see a few on the beach with oil in their feathers. Apparently there was a collision off the shore of Uruguay between a couple of ships and oil was spilt into the ocean. We have managed to send a few penguins to the rescue centre in Maldonado, where they get bathed and nursed back to good health.

This is a gorgeous time of year to enjoy a winter escape to La Paloma. Zen Hotel is getting so close to completion. Although it won’t be ready for this winter, it will be open for this November, and in winter 2011 you will be able to enjoy whale watching from your room at Zen.